Watches TAG Heuer Holiday Season Grand Prix

4 min

The TAG Heuer elves are in a race against the clock. Will they be able to deliver everyone’s TAG Heuer watches in time for the Holiday Season? Hopefully, with a little help from their friends…

The frost is sparkling, the nights are drawing in, and good little boys and girls everywhere are snuggled up in bed dreaming of the most magical time of the year. But far, far away in the wintery wonderland of La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland, hundreds of little hands are working around the clock to make sure those dreams come true… 


The TAG Heuer elves live in a big, beautiful castle that sits atop a snowy mountain. All year round they craft and build and polish and test the most magical watches imaginable before they can be wrapped up in colourful boxes with ribbons and bows and flown to every country in the world. And this is their busiest time of year!

As the cold wind whistles around the turrets the TAG Heuer elves are scurrying up and down stairs, pulling levers, carrying boxes, and whistling happy little holiday tunes as they work. Everyone is excited about the final tests before the holiday season, but there’s still so much to do! 

Every tick and every tock has to be just right. But this year the elves are busier than ever, and they’re running out of time. What if they can’t get the watches tested and wrapped and delivered in time? Suddenly, the elves look up. They can hear the loud roar of fast cars approaching the castle. Help has arrived!

Max Verstappen jumps out of one car and Sergio Perez jumps out of another, followed by some of their special friends. They all run up to the castle and bang on the big wooden door. The elves are delighted to see them. The Holiday Season is saved!

‘Thanks for getting here so quickly!’ say the elves. ‘We need your help getting all the watches tested and wrapped and delivered on time. You’re going to have to split up!’ Without hesitation the special helpers dash all over the TAG Heuer castle, past dozens of busy elves, all polishing dials and buffing bezels.


Kai Lenny knows exactly where to go. He rushes straight to the Aquaracer room with his surfboard, and immediately catches a big wave in the tropical testing pool. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches need to be water-tight for all boys and girls who want to spend the Holidays splashing about!

Ayrton Senna zooms straight to the Formula 1 room, where the elves are doing the final checks on a TAG Heuer Formula 1. ‘We’re running out of time!’ say the elves. But Ayrton gives the finishing touches a thumbs up, and the elves sigh in relief. This watch is fit for a podium!


Of all the special helpers Naomi Osaka is the fittest and fastest, and the elves need her help testing the TAG Heuer wellness features in the Connected department. As she dashes along the testing treadmill her record-breaking stats glow on the big TAG Heuer Connected. If it can handle this, it can handle anything!

‘Who knows about mechanics’? says one of the elves. ‘We still need to push all the pushers on the TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronographs!’ TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E drivers André Lotterer and Pascal Wehrlein get to work. They know how to get results under pressure!


Everything is coming together, and the watches are being carefully loaded into colourful boxes. ‘Wait!’ says one of the elves. ‘We know the watches work perfectly, but are they packed full of enough festive fun? We need to make sure they stand out at a party!’ Tommy Fleetwood jumps onto the dance floor in the Style Laboratory, and starts swinging his hips as well as he swings his golf clubs. Some of the elves join him for a boogie, just to make sure. The disco lights bounce off the watches beautifully!

That was the final test! The elves tie the last few ribbons and rush the watches outside into the snow. Max, Sergio, André and Pascal jump behind the wheels of the special delivery vehicles. If anyone can make sure these watches make it to their destinations on time, it’s them!


The cars zoom off across the wintery landscape, leaving a flurry of snow behind them. The elves appear at the windows of the castle, jumping up and down and clapping. They did it!

…So if you’ve been good and you’re lucky enough to unwrap a TAG Heuer watch this holiday season, think about the magical teamwork that went into it, before you take it out for a spin. And don’t forget to thank the elves’ extra special helpers…

Happy Holidays, from the TAG Heuer Team to you!