SPORT Human Extreme: A breathtaking cinematic experience

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Discover how a new breed of extreme athletes are taking on the challenges of our changing planet.

NDG Cinema Human Extreme - Ski - Forclaz, Switzerland

There are some exceptional athletes out there in the world. You won’t find them in stadiums and arenas. Their playground is our planet, a place that often gives the word “extreme” a whole new meaning. To go beyond their limits and excel, these athletes have to embrace and overcome nature’s various challenges. Their stories are unique, magnificent and breathtaking. That’s why TAG Heuer is proud to support NDG Cinema’s latest offering – Human Extreme, a cinematic experience like no other. Discover how a new breed of extreme athletes are taking on the challenges of our changing planet.

  • NDG Cinema Human Extreme - Freediving - Mexico

Extreme stories set in extreme locations

The stories were filmed over 2 years across British Columbia, the French Alps, Norway, and Mexico. Skiers and snowboarders. Surfers and freedivers. The film covers the stories of 10 extreme athletes, in the most extreme locations. Human Extreme gives you a glimpse into the minds of extreme stars like Valentin Delluc, Joan Duru, and Lea Bouard. 

  • NDG Cinema Human Extreme - Speedride - Canada

An extreme visionary and his team

The man at the helm of Human Extreme is Thierry Donard. A passionate filmmaker, Donard has always been fascinated by extreme sports. When he was just 13, Donard made his first ski film. In 1978, he met Dick Barrymore, a pioneer of action sports cinema in the United States. This meeting changed Donard’s life. He joined Barrymore’s team and worked with him for 10 years. Fast forward to 1996, Donard created the series “Nuit de la Glisse” with the intention of bringing his films to cinemas. Nearly 50 years on, almost all of the biggest names in extreme sports have appeared in front of Donard’s cameras.

Donard’s team of extreme filmmakers do everything they can to capture stunning images. Images that you’ve never seen before. By following the fascinating lives of extreme athletes, they seek to show what pushing the limits can accomplish. After spending years exploring the world, the team has also witnessed the consequences of climate change. So while they present the stories of these extraordinary athletes, they want to influence people’s appreciation and attitude towards nature.

An extreme trailer

Want to be pushed to the edge of your seat? Here’s a mesmerizing sneak peek of Human Extreme.

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