STORIES The elves are back in our holiday film

5 min

Lights, camera, action…the race never stops this holiday season.

Our TAG Heuer elves have been a smash hit for two consecutive years. And now they’re back in the spotlight. This time they’re saving yet another holiday season in an action-packed ode to cinema. The new blockbuster holiday film stars our endearing cast facing a race against the clock. Their mission? To deliver a surprise TAG Heuer package to a movie set, just in time for the making of a holiday musical. 

A joyful tribute to cinema

We see one of the TAG Heuer elves drive a golf cart through the glitzy, glamorous world of Hollywood. He races through studios, moving from one movie set to another, meeting other elves along the way. Every set is an homage to a Hollywood classic. Can you spot the cinematic references? A few clues: a superhero often associated with the night, an award-winning musical starring Ryan Gosling, and a sci-fi film in which a car acts as a time machine.

At the heart of each set is a TAG Heuer watch. You’ll see the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph on the wrist of one of the stunt elves, a callback to our film The Chase for Carrera film starring Ryan Gosling. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 forms the picturesque background of one of the sets. The caseback of a TAG Heuer Carrera plays the role of a vault in a heist film. And of course, you’ll see the elegant TAG Heuer Monaco Special Edition set against a clock tower.

That’s a wrap

The film is the perfect way to wrap up a year where we celebrated the 60th birthday of the TAG Heuer Carrera. Filled with adrenaline, wit, humor and star power, the piece doesn’t just entertain; it breaks the mold and captures the Swiss watchmaker’s avant-garde philosophy. Remember, the race never stops. Happy holidays!


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