Watches The Gifts of Time: A TAG Heuer Tale

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Behind every TAG Heuer timepiece, there’s a magical story.

Shop windows during the holiday season are a thing of beauty. Sparkling lights, colorful boxes, neatly-tied ribbons hugging gift boxes. These displays are made up of varied hues and ornate sculptures but each one of them seeks to evoke a singular emotion – joy. Yes, all shop windows during the holidays are dressed with care. And if you look closely at a TAG Heuer shop window, you’ll discover a few extra magic touches. All it takes is a little imagination and a whole lot of festive cheer. Keeping that in mind, let’s immerse ourselves in the timeless world of TAG Heuer. Here you’ll find iconic timepieces, festive packaging and the most unexpected surprises of all, our starry elves. Welcome to ‘The Gifts of Time: A TAG Heuer Tale’.

The night before the holidays

Beyond the beautifully-crafted world of our shop windows lies TAG Heuer Land. This is a snow-capped universe inhabited by energetic TAG Heuer elves. They work hard into the night because they’re on a tight deadline. With the holidays nearly upon us, the elves’ job is to create watches that will win the hearts of people everywhere. Every watch they make demands skill and craftsmanship. Every pusher, every dial, every case, every detail needs to spark joy when its new owner opens the box during the holiday season. No pressure, elves. And so they use their special tools to weld, stamp, polish, paint and assemble the most exquisite timepieces. Once every inch of every piece is given the green light, they’re sent over to the “Timely Gifts Department”. Here, the watches are placed inside elegant boxes wrapped in gorgeous ribbons. The boxes are carefully tied to the backs of our TAG Heuer speedsters. They’re ready for delivery – just in time for the holidays. The night has been long but joyous for the masterful elves.

Delivered by daredevils

The sun rises on TAG Heuer Land. It’s delivery day, aka the day the elves transfer the watches to the shop window. And the elves who deliver the watches aren’t just any elves. They are the daredevils of TAG Heuer Land. Ryan Gosling is in charge of delivering the scene-stealing TAG Heuer Carrera on his Porsche speedster. Ayrton Senna is behind the wheel of the speedster carrying another legendary TAG Heuer Carrera. And of course, the Red Bull Racing team’s Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are in charge of the colorful Formula 1 watches. The all-time classic TAG Heuer Monaco is shepherded by Steve McQueen on a speedster dressed in the unforgettable Gulf livery. On delivery day, the other elves gather behind the speedsters, staring up at the grand TAG Heuer Monaco clock above the warehouse. As soon as it strikes ‘Holidays O’Clock’, the bells go off, the doors slide open and the speedsters are off. They scream down the slopes of TAG Heuer Land. The elves working on the shop window cheer them on. The speedsters hurtle past the TAG Heuer cliff, upon which the TAG Heuer Aquaracer stands. (The perfect gift for adventurers who love to push the limits.) The speedsters glide under the TAG Heuer Connected Watch bridge. These new generation watches display the split seconds the speedsters have left before reaching their final destination – the shop window. But will they get there in time?

The window of time

Tall, spiral decorations and skyscrapers of gift boxes rise up in front of the approaching speedsters. The daredevils delivering the gifts have made it to the shop window. Now, it’s up to the TAG Heuer shop elves to make sure every gift finds the right place on the display. Some boxes are opened and posed in an alluring manner, so the glint of the watches can catch the eyes of the shoppers. After every part of the display is assembled, the elves have one final thing to do: plug the giant socket into the wall and switch on the bright, shiny lights surrounding the shop window. There you have it, the elves have created a magical window of time, right on time. Proof that even little hands can inspire a grand holiday season. Still warming up to the holiday season? Well, the next time you’re out shopping, pop over to a TAG Heuer shop window and take a closer look. You might just find a Swiss-made gift that lifts your festive spirits.


Oh, and Happy Holidays to all of you!