Watches Introducing our new book “The TAG Heuer Carrera: The Race Never Stops”

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A celebratory book unveiling the history of an iconic timepiece since 1963

“The TAG Heuer Carrera: The Race Never Stops” book published by Editions de la Martinière (french version) and Abrams (english version), 2023

As the TAG Heuer Carrera anniversary year shifts into high gear we prepared a dose of horological history. “The TAG Heuer Carrera: The Race Never Stops” is a tribute to over six decades of excellence, innovation, and elegance. Following the story of one of our most beloved models, we go back to 1963, then slowly make our way to the present, leaving no stories untold. 

Racing through time

More than just pages and ink, “The TAG Heuer Carrera: The Race Never Stops” is a time machine that takes you to some of the most important moments of our brand. Divided into six captivating chapters, each representing a decade of the TAG Heuer Carrera’s existence. From the chic 60s to the electric 80s and beyond, this collection of rare images and narratives bring TAG Heuer’s journey to life. A testament to innovation, precision and enduring design, it embodies a dynamic journey in the world of watchmaking and explores the model’s close relationship with motorsport. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or a history buff, the book is a window into a world of craftsmanship and artistry.

Decades of elegance

Flipping through these pages also reveals the ultimate TAG Heuer Carrera catalogue, an encyclopedic journey through the world of Carrera watches that showcases the most significant models from 1963 to 2023. Highlighting essential information about each watch, including the movement, date of birth, nickname and diameter, as well as unique pictures made by Björn Altmann, it turns the book into a reference for collectors and enthusiasts.

Meet the Authors

  • Nicholas Biebuyck: Leading the charge is none other than Nicholas Biebuyck, appointed as Director of Heritage at TAG Heuer in 2021. Fueled by a passion for motorsport, he is your go-to expert on all things TAG Heuer and watchmaking. 
  • Nick Foulkes: English historian, author, and journalist. In his work, Nick explored 19th-century social history and the intricate tapestry of luxury goods. 
  • Marc Newson: A creative chameleon with a career spanning decades and industries. From industrial design to luxury goods, fashion to fine art, Newson’s genius shines through in his smooth lines and organic forms. 
  • Jason Barlow: Jason Barlow, editor-at-large for BBC Top Gear magazine. As a contributor to Britain’s GQ magazine and a regular in The Sunday Times, his insights on luxury and style are unparalleled.
  • Jeff Stein: A seasoned expert and collector and founder of OnTheDash, the ultimate guide to vintage Heuer watches. 
  • Simon De Burton: Journalist and author who combines his love for classic cars, motorbikes, and watches in his work.
  • Robin Swithinbank: freelance journalist and broadcaster. 
  • Judikael Hirel:  Head of the watchmaking department for Le Figaro

The TAG Heuer Carrera: The Race Never Stops” is available in English (published by Abrams), French (published by Editions de la Martinière), Chinese and Japanese. Through more than 350 pages, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in over 60 years of passion, excellence, and timeless design.

If this piqued your curiosity, you can find the book in TAG Heuer boutiques and selected bookstores around the world.