SPORT A Big Step for Max Verstappen

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Throughout the season, Verstappen’s star qualities shone brightly, garnering well-deserved points and applause, ultimately crowning him the 2021 champion.

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From the Formula 1 season opener in Bahrain to its final round in Abu Dhabi, Max Verstappen, representing a new, young generation of pilots, pushed past his limits, demonstrating tireless determination and skill. Max launched his career quite young, back in 2013, and has since shown up with energy and excitement. And certainly this season, he brought focus and strategy to each and every race. Despite several setbacks, Max emerged victorious as the 2021 drivers’ champion, marking his very first world championship. His total points for the season? 395.5 points! And his lucky charm? A custom TAG Heuer Monaco Titan, with a special strap and engraving.

This is a milestone moment for Red Bull Racing: It’s their first championship — and the first non-Mercedes victory — since Sebastien Vettel won 8 years ago. As proud sponsors of Red Bull Racing and in celebration of this major first for Max, we’re looking back at some of his best performances from the season.

The show goes on at Imola

You could cut the tension with a knife at the Imola course at the 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. And even with a chaotic, wet start, Verstappen managed to navigate with apparent ease, taking first place. He beat Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton by a whopping 20 seconds!

Max takes Monaco

It was a chaotic race at the legendary Monaco racetrack with several expectations overturned. Unperturbed by the drama, Max retained his focus and won the race. Not only was this his first win on the Monaco circuit but it was also the moment he took the lead in the F1 standings for the very first time.

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Triple header: France, Austria, Styria

Max took first place three races in a row. Enough said!

Homecourt victory at the Dutch Grand Prix

To his great delight, Max won the Dutch Grand Prix, on what is technically his home turf. A start in pole position as well as several strategic passes gave Max the lead and encouragement he needed. His victory was received with massive support from the crowds…just as you might imagine.

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An American dream

Thanks to a strategic combination of pacing and tyre usage, Max powered along the Circuit of the Americas. In an exciting but grueling race under the blistering Texan sun, Max lost his initial lead, but pulled into first place, beating Lewis Hamilton by 1.3 seconds.

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Congratulations, Max, on a job very well done!