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We take a look at the love affair between high-tech and high-fashion.  

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Conventional smartwatches have struggled to break into the world of luxury, yet the industry continues to embrace smart technology, with spectacular results - and nobody redefines the rules quite like TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition


For many people the combination of new technology and luxury apparel brings to mind short-lived trends and conceptual spectacles – in more than one sense of the word – rather than the genuine, electrifying fusion of great design and ground-breaking technology.

‘Wearable tech’ has been around since the 80s, but when it comes to smartwatches, for many the phrase still conjures images of stark, solid accessories that look very much like devices, without any of the ingenuity and elegance associated with traditional timepieces. The market focus in wearable tech has been on what a device can do, whereas great aesthetic design is about how something makes you look, and feel – but why should the two be mutually exclusive? TAG Heuer’s vision has always been one of smart technology working in unison with stylish, intricate design, in ways which are truly desirable – and we have made that vision a reality.

TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition


A traditional luxury watch can do much more for you than tell the time, and a modern smartwatch can be more than a trendy gadget. One represents a timeless connection to a legacy of sophistication and savoir-faire, while the other connects you to the high-performance possibilities of our immediate present. For many brands these values seem to be diametrically opposed, but why not have the benefits of both in a single watch? 

When tech companies started launching smartwatches they sometimes underestimated the extent to which luxury consumers are driven by great craftsmanship and unique aesthetics, just as much as they are by the novelty of new technology. It is the combination of traditional methods and creative ingenuity that creates exclusive and beautiful products, far more than any functionality alone. It isn’t just advances in technology that captivates collectors – what matters most are the elusive qualities of style, prestige, and beauty.


Until recently the look and use of a smartwatch was widely considered to be aspirational, but informal – to be worn with your best workout clothes, perhaps, but not with a tux, or in the boardroom. This limited perception comes from the misguided belief that there is necessary compromise between functionality and luxury. The smartwatch market was kickstarted by companies which are tech brands, before anything else – their watches are an extension of an existing line of devices, deliberately echoing the look of laptops and tablets in a wearable form. The focus in their designs is limited to showcasing their functionality and reflecting a narrow idea of modernity – simple, minimal, durable but cheap materials, nothing unnecessary or superfluous. These smartwatch trends were set by tech brands making watches, as opposed to watchmakers making tech. For a smartwatch to really break into the ‘luxury’ category, you need a watchmaker with indisputable luxury credentials.

TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition


The authentic appeal of traditional luxury watches is rooted in craftsmanship, heritage, and elegant aesthetics, which is why smartwatches from tech brands have struggled to position themselves in the luxury market, but traditional luxury watches with additional connected functionality can still be aspirational, collectable items. Their functionality answers the demands of tech fans, but they still look genuinely good while doing it.

In 2015 TAG Heuer introduced the first Swiss luxury smartwatch, the TAG Heuer Connected watch. We were the first established luxury watchmakers to enter the smartwatch market, and remain the most impressive traditional watchmakers in the game. We are expert watchmakers incorporating state-of-the-art technology.


Rather than being a deviation from our unparalleled legacy, TAG Heuer’s Connected watches are its natural progression, featuring the elegant designs and craftsmanship they are famous for, but with all the functionality of a regular smartwatch, and much more. The exclusive TAG Heuer Sport app is a must have for both athletes and amateurs, providing detailed data on the wearer’s performance in a range of activities, and the recently improved TAG Heuer Golf app is a must for golfers trying to refine their game. In creating and developing these apps in-house, TAG Heuer have achieved the modern tech equivalent of their traditional watchmaking excellence.

If TAG Heuer’s vision was to look beyond the conventional perception of smartwatches and offer the best in technological performance without compromising their reputation for iconic aesthetics, the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition is the pinnacle of that vision.

Available now, the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition, has the same combination of sophisticated aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality that made the TAG Heuer Connected watch so successful, but with incredibly impressive customisable updates. The luxury edition is released with a new dial, Eclipse, which is available in four colours, and six of the famous TAG Heuer Connected watch faces have been redesigned to blend perfectly with the colours of the Bright Black – deep black, and luxurious golden color. This stand-out smartwatch combines intricate ceramic details, the softest leathers, and sapphire crystal, all while delivering the tech performance TAG Heuer’s market-leading Connected watches are known for.


For TAG Heuer functionality and luxury have always been synchronised  – there is no need for compromise. Our Connected watches are designed and manufactured in the same way TAG Heuer have always designed and manufactured watches – by combining technical expertise, the finest materials, and unique, enduring aesthetics. The result is a line of versatile and exclusive smartwatches that have all the character and beauty of a traditional watch, but still boast the best in technology – offering collectors a truly modern and connected timepiece with the traditional standards of craftsmanship and elegance they have come to know and love.

TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition