SPORT Golf: the future is female

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As the sport sheds its old stereotypes, women’s golf is looking ahead to a brighter, better future.

Chun In-Gee, professional golfer and brand ambassador

Hear that crash? It’s the sound of barriers being broken. The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) recently announced that female athletes will be competing for more than $101 million this year. That’s a game-changing statement. Gone are the days when golf was considered to be a men’s game. What’s causing these sweeping winds of change? And what can female golfers look forward to in the future? We hit the links to uncover the various trends that have come together to elevate the women’s game.

The perfect storm

According to the National Golf Foundation, the percentage of women on the course rose to 25% in 2021, up from 19% a decade ago. There are many reasons for this sudden jump, but one of the biggest drivers was lockdown. As restrictions eased over time, golf was one of the few sports that people were allowed to play. It was a great time for women to give golf a shot. Several female golf influencers took to social media around the same time, encouraging more women to hit the fairways. There was also a lot of buzz generated by the live coverage of the Solheim cup and Rose Ladies Series.

Chun In-Gee, professional golfer and brand ambassador

Few barriers to entry

After years of being bound to regulations and traditions, golf is becoming more and more progressive. A good move for any sport that seeks to remain relevant and keep up with the times. By embracing casual dress codes, influencing sneaker culture, and encouraging recreational courses, golf is making everyone feel more welcome. There’s also been a steady increase in amateur tours and competitions, giving more women a platform to strut their putt and move up to bigger tournaments.

As the sport sheds its old stereotypes, women’s golf is looking ahead to a brighter, better future. It feels like the beginning of a new era. And we’re excited to see how the story unfolds.


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