SPORT Beyond the Finish Line

6 min

Chasing the legends of worldwide endurance racing. For a look beyond the finish line of some of the world’s most intense endurance circuits, we caught up with those who thrive on long distances, high speeds and finely-tuned automobiles.

If the three major events in endurance racing, spanning Florida and France, are known as “The Triple Crown,” let’s take our loupe to the jewels adorning that crown…those in the driver’s seat! TAG Heuer is getting ready for the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), the ultimate test of drivers’ strength and stamina. As proud sponsor and partner of the Porsche GT Team, we’re granting you exclusive access to some of the game’s biggest players, from champion pilots to automobile aficionados.

Onsite at one of this year’s biggest races, go for an in-depth look at the extensive Porsche teamwork behind endurance racing at Le Mans 2021. The Porsche teams’ stats? 344 laps, with their best lap counted at 3:48.366, and 24 pit stops in total. An impressive race day overall, with Porsche Cars 92 and 91 placed in 3rd and 4th respectively in the GTE Pro at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2021.

For a high-intensity recap, check out our 6 minutes documentary:

Whether their love of the sport is professional or amateur, advocates for the appreciation of automobiles and motorsports can wax lyrical better than any journalist. We spoke extensively with Patrick Dempsey, TAG Heuer & Porsche ambassador and Proton Racing manager during this weekend, filled with high-octane events and a special excursion at the Porsche garage.

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