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Today, 15-year-old skateboarding world champion, Sky Brown and TAG Heuer have collaborated to bring a unique and exhilarating display of high-performance skateboarding to the River Thames on a custom-built floating half-pipe.

Sky Brown skated a floating half-pipe nestled between two double-decker buses, custom-made in partnership with TAG Heuer, and floating on the River Thames against the iconic backdrop of London’s Tower Bridge. Having kept pace with the evolution of sports since 1860, TAG Heuer is proud to have Sky as their youngest Brand Ambassador, supporting her in this extraordinary event, and contributing to the enrichment of her legacy.

Set against the backdrop of iconic London landmark, Tower Bridge, the TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador demonstrated her unique skateboarding prowess as she gave fans an incredible, one-of-a-kind show. Sky showcased a range of tricks including her renowned favourite, the Japan Air, where the skater pulls the board up behind their back, whilst flying high above the half-pipe.

The innovative and custom-built TAG Heuer half-pipe measured over four metres high and sat between two London double-decker buses, which were manoeuvred down the River Thames on a floating barge. Sky, a cultural figure in the skateboarding world, then captivated stunned spectators as she seamlessly showed off a range of her impeccable tricks, embodying the style and skill that defines the Swiss watchmaker.

To complete the stunt, Sky was wearing the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph, a watch designed with adventure in mind, withstanding extreme pressure and pushing boundaries to their limit.

In a testament to the enduring partnership between TAG Heuer and the skating universe, following the exciting display TAG Heuer is donating the half-pipe to Flo Skatepark in Nottingham. This charity- run facility provides a welcoming community, inspiring locals to embrace the sport as well as acting as a Talent Pathway Hub for fostering young sportspeople.

« I was hyped to get involved in this idea! I’m always looking to push my skateboarding skills to the limit and when the TAG Heuer team came up with the floating half-pipe, I was stoked. Being able to share my passion for skateboarding with the public is something I love to do, and this is the perfect place and way to do it. »

Sky Brown

Drawing from a storied legacy of collaboration with elite athletes renowned for their innovative prowess, TAG Heuer finds a kindred spirit in Sky. Like those before her, she embodies the brand’s core values of precision, devotion, and excellence.


Sky Brown, a British-Japanese skateboarding and surfing prodigy, astounded the world with her exceptional talents. Competing at the 2020 Summer Olympics at just 13 years old, she not only made history as the youngest British Olympian but also won a bronze medal, marking a significant milestone for skateboarding’s inclusion in the Olympic program. Additionally, Sky became the first female to land a frontside 540 figure.

Having joined TAG Heuer in 2022, Sky Brown shares “I have been wearing TAG Heuer’s Connected watch for over a year and I am very excited to be a partner of the brand. Timing is key to everything I do, both in the park and on the water. TAG Heuer works with so many iconic people, I am very excited to be a part of their family!”.