SAVOIR FAIRE The designer behind the TAG Heuer Eyewear collection

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Swiss Precision and Avant-Garde Design fusion align as TAG Heuer returns its coveted eyewear collection. On The Edge, our guest is the designer of the new TAG Heuer Eyewear collection, Renato Montagner. From concept to completion, he reveals the secrets of the new collection.

In the dynamic realm of design, The Edge by TAG Heuer met Renato Montagner. This creative director is designing the new TAG Heuer eyewear collection ten years after the last one. The Italian designer and architect discussed how he designed and created glasses for men, women, and individuals of all gender identities. We met in his Venetian workshop in Italy, where we discussed inspirations, his passion for functionality, and the influence of Swiss design on his work. 


Reflecting on his university years, Renato Montagner recalls Le Corbusier as a significant “maestro.” The influential architect’s focus on the proportion of the human body has left a lasting impact on his design philosophy. He strives to incorporate this fundamental principle in various professional situations, such as when working as an architect dealing with body dynamics, movement, and people inhabiting spaces. For the new collection, Renato dedicated efforts to creating designs that stem from the extrusion of the human body, exploring how the best performance lenses can seamlessly conform to the face during activities like running or working.

When one opts for a tailor-made solution, they enhance their body and craft a unique style tailored to perfection. Although perhaps not strictly classified as fashion, this individualized approach holds significant meaning. The focus is on vision as a performance, necessitating the use of the finest filters, lenses, and an optimal design for prolonged wear throughout the day, whether engaged in activities like running, commuting, or cycling. The primary challenge lay in creating something nearly invisible when worn, seamlessly blending as an extension of oneself.

Renato Montagner

The fact that everything was based on the proportion of the human body is something that belongs to his design philosophy. When he started working with TAG Heuer, he had the challenge of dealing with Swiss tradition, precision, elegance, and proportion. Everything has to work when thinking about purity and a minimal approach to Swiss design. For his project, the goal was to create very lightweight products: the reduction, optimization, and standardization of elements create a very minimal design and something more sustainable. The design industry’s reduction process helps significantly reduce the elements and the impact.

« The collection is all about innovation and about avant-garde material.

Renato Montagner

Avant-garde involves embracing risks, and the collection epitomizes innovation. Incorporating elements like recycled graphite, bio-nylon and cork, the aim is to revolutionize the eyewear-wearing experience. TAG Heuer, pioneering this shift 15 years ago, exemplified true avant-garde spirit. Today, the brand returns with an unwavering passion for innovation, pushing the boundaries. 

TAG Heuer is about precision. And if every millisecond counts, every millimeter counts. The new collection is centered around lightweight design, so he has incorporated graphite. Widely recognized for its use in ski equipment, tennis rackets, golf clubs, and more, graphite is renowned for being strong, stable, and lightweight. Both graphite and carbon fiber emerged as the perfect materials for this purpose. However, the quest for flexibility, ensuring utmost comfort during wear, led him to work on a patented system that redefines titanium for an optimal fit. The amalgamation of diverse materials, cutting-edge technology, and new patents empowers him to proclaim, “This is truly avant-garde confidently.”

People often perceive packaging as akin to a jewel box, but Renato’s vision was to craft an industrial counterpart. For him, the packaging isn’t an extension of the product but safeguards the object within. Consequently, he opted for a darker gray industrial cardboard. Every element is meticulously designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy, Germany, or France. Locating European-made packaging posed challenges, yet his production approach enabled the creation of cost-effective cardboard boxes, utilizing minimal glue and devoid of ink. This underscores his commitment to simplicity and environmentally conscious practices.

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