SAVOIR FAIRE Avant-Garde Eyewear: it all starts with a vision

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Meet TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear. Mirroring our innovative approach to watchmaking, this new eyewear collection unites form and function, sports and high performance. Expect a feast for the eyes, quite literally.

Cory Williams, Cyclist & TAG Heuer ambassador

Fusion of Swiss precision and avant-garde design align as TAG Heuer launches innovative high-end eyewear. Mirroring our innovative approach to watchmaking, this new eyewear collection unites form and function, sports and high performance. Expect a feast for the eyes, quite literally. This new vision exemplifies TAG Heuer’s dedication to uniting performance, sports, functionality, style and innovation with sun and optical glasses that offer unparalleled quality and comfort.

Having initially ventured into eyewear in 2002 until 2016, TAG Heuer introduced iconic models such as Reflex and 27°, garnering global acclaim among eyewear enthusiasts.

Today, TAG Heuer commits to excellence by partnering with manufacturer Thélios, renowned for fusing the distinctive identity of each LVMH’s Maison with the artistry of Italian craftsmanship.

A visionary trio

Our rejuvenated TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear collection includes three distinct lines: Pro Performance, Sport Performance, and Daily Urban Performance. Let’s start with the Pro Performance line. Crafted for athletes and adventurers, Pro Performance blends cutting-edge technology with avant-garde design. Whether you’re careening down a mountain, barreling through a giant wave or racing across a bike trail, these glasses are primed to excel (like you) in extreme conditions. Precision and performance, guaranteed.

Next, the Sport Performance line. Now this isn’t just about athleticism; it’s also about style. Elegance and functionality are key words here. You can wear these glasses during those sunlit golf sessions, quick 10k runs, whatever you like. Just know that wherever and whenever you wear these, you’re going to make heads turn.

Finally, the Daily Urban Performance line. These glasses are versatile and ready-to-go. You can wear these anytime, anywhere. Beach holidays? Check. Business trips? Check. Long drives by the sea? Check. You won’t want to step out of the house without a pair of these.

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Kai Lenny, Big wave surfer & TAG Heuer Ambassador

A closer look

Drawing inspiration from the aerospace and Formula 1 industries, TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear is engineered to withstand the most challenging conditions. That’s why versatility and comfort form the backbone of the design thinking. We offer interchangeable lenses, so you don’t have to worry about owning multiple pairs of glasses for different situations. Whatever the occasion, you have lens options that work for you. And when it comes to comfort, our eyewear practically disappears when worn.

The glasses are something else. Made from advanced synthetic polymer lenses, they’re crafted to incorporate TAG Heuer’s high-contrast Specta technology. This ensures comfort by countering infrared rays, reducing haze, and alleviating eye strain. It also helps eliminate a significant 37% of polarized light, getting rid of that troublesome glare and making sure digital screens are crystal clear when you’re reading or working.

Oh, another key feature: to enhance visual clarity, TAG Heuer has infused precious metal lenses into these glasses. This is a significant breakthrough in the eyewear industry. It also introduces the first-ever 3D metal frames, combining the strength and rigidity of metal with remarkable lightweight design. These advancements elevate the eyewear collection to new heights of sophistication and performance, all while providing 100% UV protection.

Felix Auger-Aliassime, Tennisplayer & TAG Heuer Ambassador

Made of more

What makes these glasses even more unique is the use of materials like the Dyneema® textile rope and 3D-printed titanium. Often used in extreme sports for their durability, these materials aren’t easy to work with. Dyneema® is known as the strongest fiber on the planet, even surpassing the strength of steel. When combined with 3D-printed titanium, we’ve achieved a flexible bridge with a unique aesthetic appeal.

This blend of materials stands out in a field that traditionally features metal or plastic components. In fact, every element we’ve used, including recycled materials such as cork and graphite along with carbon-based compounds, are thoughtfully chosen to achieve a fusion of performance and style.

The right frames

Within each line, you can choose from five dashing and diverse frame designs: TAG Heuer Shield Pro, TAG Heuer Vingt Sept, TAG Heuer Line, TAG Heuer Flex, and TAG Heuer Bolide. Each design has its own unique features. The TAG Heuer Shield boasts elastic rubber frames for flexibility and comfort. The TAG Heuer Vingt Sept discreetly incorporates the brand logo inside the temples, in addition to its iconic hinge for increased performance. The TAG Heuer Line eyewear showcases precision hinges using Dyneema® textile rope and 3D-printed titanium for flexibility and durability. Finally, both the TAG Heuer Flex and the TAG Heuer Bolide lines integrate titanium inserts within the temples and hingeless, rimless frames, preserving the original glasses’ heritage and adding an element of elegance.

It all starts with a vision

Our new eyewear collection is another showstopping example of our Swiss avant-garde philosophy. It’s not just eye candy; it’s high-performance eye candy designed for everyone.

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