LIFESTYLE Time x Speed: tagged by graffiti artists

3 min

Discover an exhilarating set of TAG Heuer art pieces by a diverse group of graffiti artists.

DUBAI Mall - Tarek Benaoum

Time and speed have inspired artists for generations. Photographers, filmmakers, painters and now, graffiti artists. Taiwanese artist Ano Xiao, French-Peruvian multidisciplinary artist Hydrane Lo, French-Moroccan graffiti artist Tarek Benaoum, and the Japanese art collective Dirty Workers Studio have harnessed their distinctive styles to create something truly special. Using the freedom of their brushes, their own unique techniques, and diverse colors, each of these artists have created a thrilling piece of art for TAG Heuer. Their canvas? Pristine white Porsche sculptures. 


The artists’ hues and broad strokes make every piece feel like a kaleidoscopic blur. The vivid Porsches look like they’re racing past you, leaving behind a burst of color. These artworks adorn the walls of our TAG Heuer boutiques in New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai, and Tokyo. An homage to our collaboration with Porsche. And a tribute to the exhilarating allure of time and speed.

  • CHINA Quiantan - Anoxiao