TAG Heuer's solar-powered movement brings new meaning to 'made for outdoors', making its shining debut in the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 collection.

Bold, active, and at one with nature – the philosophy behind the Aquaracer has always been one of courageously embracing the elements, all while looking effortlessly stylish. Now TAG Heuer is extending that philosophy to every aspect of the watch, with the release of the new TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 – featuring the new TAG Heuer solar-powered movement.

The TAG Heuer designers teamed up with La Chaux de Fonds-based movement experts Manufacture La Joux Perret to develop this latest watch. This movement brings benefits as limitless as its source of energy, including unrivaled reliability and practicality – no need to change the watch’s battery; it recharges with the sun.

Most impressively, the movement needs only two minutes in full sunlight to keep the watch running for a whole day. When fully charged, the watch can run for six months and if the timepiece stops working, you just need to expose it again to light for ten seconds to make it work again, thanks to its ultra-fast recharge time. In a world in which we’re constantly on charge, TAG Heuer’s solar movement is a break for freedom.

It isn’t just the movement which is powered by the sun. Far from superfluous, this timepiece’s luxurious and sophisticated embellishments are a fusion of functionality and magnificence, creating a cohesive relationship between its mechanics and its aesthetics. The bezel and dial feature stunning Super-LumiNova™ details designed to maximise the light, and the DLC-coated bezel is enhanced with green Super-LumiNova™ and carbon inserts. This distinctive blend of materials, combined with the watch’s slender ergonomic design, achieves a truly remarkable look.

The dial of the timepiece is partially transparent, allowing the movement to be charged by its inexhaustible power-source. Its additional intricate details heighten the modern appearance even further. The watch features a sleek and stealthy black rubber strap which keeps the look in line with the signature sporty feel of the Aquaracer family, and can be switched with any of the bracelets in the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 collection – expanding the range of the watch’s style suitability and ensuring it can be worn on deck, on the beach, and everywhere else.