SPORT Extreme Beauty

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New documentary RESET pushes the limit of extreme sports via stunning cinematography. For the last 18 months, life for many of us has felt limited. Now Nuit de la Glisse Cinema invites us to rediscover their sense of awe and adventure, with Thierry Donard’s breath-taking new tribute to extreme sports in extreme times, RESET.

RESET © NDG Cinema

Thierry Donard’s films are famous for featuring the world’s most courageous extreme athletes pushing themselves to the limit in nature’s most astounding settings. When he began making his latest documentary nearly two years ago, the pandemic had not yet begun. After months of intense shooting with some unexpected interruptions, RESET takes audiences on a journey of rediscovery and wonder made all the more poignant by the challenges we face in our changing world.

Free-diving, RESET © NDG Cinema

The best of the best, on camera and behind it

Over the last three decades the biggest names in extreme sports have all appeared in front of Donard’s cameras, and RESET is no exception. The film follows Davide Carrera (free diving), Krister Kopala (snowboarding), Nikolai Schirmer (skiing), Jamie Lee and Malachi Templeton (speed flying), and Matahi Drollet, Vahine Fierro, Lorenzo Avvenenti and Tikanui Smith (foil surfing).

As they attempt bold new challenges in their chosen field this global cast of athletes navigate the landscape in ways that would be unbelievable were they not so vividly captured on film. Donard and his team are masters at catching spectacular moments in unpredictable environments, using the most advanced camera and drone technology. Whether in deep waters or halfway up a mountain, the agility and precision of the cinematography is no less impressive than that of the subjects.

  • Tahiti RESET © NDG Cinema


At a time when many of us are regrettably accustomed to the small screen, RESET is the perfect visual adventure to return to the cinema for. From the beaches of French Polynesia to the hostile snowscapes of the Arctic, its visceral imagery is a timely reminder of the beauty and possibility the natural world has to offer. The stunning cinematography is complemented by the voice of Vincent Cassell and a rousing soundtrack by Joris Voorn, and the overall effect is engrossing, transporting the audience to each magnificent new location.

  • Free-diving, RESET © NDG Cinema

RESET © NDG Cinema

Courage, Perseverance, Respect

RESET is not just a bombastic montage of death-defying stunts set against nature’s most awesome backdrops, and you don’t need to be an extreme sports enthusiast to appreciate its beauty, pace, and passion. What makes the documentary so engaging is the enigmatic and inspirational cast, all sharing a philosophy of courage, perseverance, and respect for the power of nature. Against stunning landscapes these athletes contemplate the value of their singular dedication and express their concerns about the climate change that threatens the environments they cherish. ‘I have always wanted to show strong human stories’, explains Donard. ‘It’s also important to highlight the ecological way of life they have chosen. This element of human responsibility is essential in my films’.

The combination of sweeping shots and heartfelt interviews give the viewer unparalleled insight into what it takes to push yourself to the limit, and the rewards for doing so. The result is a cinematic love letter to optimism, tenacity, and connection – to our environment, and to each other.

  • RESET © NDG Cinema

Want more? Discover the official trailer of the RESET Movie below.