LIFESTYLE Time Out: TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph x Porsche Orange Racing painted by Hanna Schönwald

5 min

As part of our Time Out series, The Edge is asking breakout artists to showcase a TAG Heuer watch through their world, focused on a theme related to the timepiece itself.

Sparks. Heat. Speed. Emotion. These are some of the elements that color the racing universe. They’re also the inspiration behind the new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph x Porsche Orange Racing. Bold, sporty and elegant, the timepiece is a tribute to orange, a color that symbolizes the heat, the fire and the thunder of motorsport.

Sparks on canvas

To mark its release, we asked industrial designer, artist and car enthusiast Hanna Schönwald to create a collection of paintings that reflect the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph x Porsche Orange Racing. A breakout talent from the area of Hamburg, Hanna creates art that is dynamic, exhilarating and classy. Much like the chronograph itself.

The artist’s take

Hanna says that her credo is Schnelle Kunst, which she says can be freely translated as ‘fast art’. This makes her the perfect artist to capture the essence of this electrifying chronograph. Here’s what Hanna has to say about her art pieces, and how it relates to the timepiece.

On the color of the watch

Hanna Schönwald: “Orange for me is a signal color of strong expression. However the subtle use of this color is something that really underlines sportiness for me. It was exciting for me to implement this color into my style and to adapt the progressive visuals that go hand in hand with that color. I’m curious to see if people will like this edition of art pieces.”

On the emotions that sparked her creation

Hanna Schönwald: “TAG Heuer and Porsche share a distinctive DNA—both being driven by time, design and precision. In this series of paintings, that unique connection is expressed through art. For me as a trained industrial designer, a great product is characterized by addressing a variety of senses at once. The looks, the haptics and the mechanical sounds – both TAG Heuer watches and Porsche sports cars are a prime example for me how an everyday object is turned into so much more through emotions.”

Hanna’s paintings will be displayed at our TAG Heuer boutique in Hamburg. Here’s the address in case you’re nearby, or keen to see them in person: Neuer Wall 18, 20354 Hamburg, Germany. 

Visit one of our TAG Heuer boutiques or head over to our website for more information about the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph x Porsche Orange Racing. Go on, make sparks fly.