Watches Five things you need to know about the new TAG Heuer | Kith Collaboration

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TAG Heuer and Kith have teamed up to revive the original TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series 1 watch, blending the Swiss Maison's storied heritage with Kith's contemporary vision.

A Much-Awaited Comeback

When it was first released in 1986, the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series 1 marked a pivotal moment in the Swiss Maison’s history as the first watch to bear the TAG Heuer name. It set the stage for the brand’s widespread and enduring success, with over three million pieces produced. The first premium composite quartz watch, the Series 1 quickly became a collector’s favourite, enabling a generation of watch enthusiasts to assert their taste and individuality with a timepiece. 

Nearly 40 years later, TAG Heuer aficionados worldwide have been craving a comeback. Through their dynamic collaboration, TAG Heuer and lifestyle brand Kith have answered the call, injecting a fresh and energetic allure to this original timepiece.

Founded in 2011 by Ronnie Fieg, Kith is a multifaceted lifestyle brand and a progressive retail environment renowned for its unique collaborations and curated selection of apparel and footwear. It transcends traditional retail by offering an immersive shopping experience that reflects a deep commitment to aesthetics and community engagement.

Ronnie Fieg’s Connection

Kith’s founder, Ronnie Fieg, shares a deep personal connection with the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series 1. The red and black model from the original series was his first watch, igniting his lifelong passion for collecting high-end vintage watches. 

A Legacy Design Propelled Into The Future

In crafting the TAG Heuer Formula 1 | Kith collection, maintaining the essence of the original was paramount. TAG Heuer went to great lengths to locate the original supplier and the exact same mould used in 1986, ensuring that the new iterations embody the spirit of the beloved original. Reaffirming the watch’s distinctive legacy features—its unique hour hand, a distinctive triangle at 12 o’clock, alternating shield and dot indices, and a contrasting minuterie—the new series showcases a modern, revitalised design with electrifying colourways. 

Crafted For Collectors

The TAG Heuer | Kith collaboration promises to be a collector’s dream. With ten limited-edition models, the series pays special tribute to the collectors who contributed to the success of the original TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series 1. Four decades later, it offers TAG Heuer and Kith enthusiasts an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of this storied journey.

Fusing The Spirit Of Both Worlds

In a bold move, unprecedented in its history, the Swiss Maison fuses its logo with a collaborative partner, merging Kith’s and Heuer’s insignias on the dial, strap, and caseback. The watch dials feature Kith’s “Just Us” motto, a heartfelt nod to Ronnie Fieg’s close-knit community, emphasising the personal connections that underpin the collaboration.