Watches Into the north with the new TAG Heuer Aquaracer Solargraph

A wild arctic journey with a luminescent aurora borealis on your wrist.

The day had been long and challenging, it was late and your eyelids were heavy as you tried to read the final extracts from works written by Danish Arctic explorer and author Peter Freuchen. Each vivid anecdote of his Polar expeditions in Greenland and his years spent among the Inuit with his Inuk wife was an invitation to travel there, to discover for yourself the marvels, and dangers, he described with passion.

Your day of trekking amid rough terrains and freezing sun had left you exhausted. Before turning out the lights to set some much needed sleep, you had a final look at your TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph Date, an exceptional timepiece designed for endurance and the perfect partner for your journey.  So  impressive to think that just 20 hours in the sun charge this masterpiece for six months! thanks to a new solar quartz caliber. Tough yet lightweight in titanium, with a height of just 9.8 mm, it’s the perfect companion for athletic manoeuvres. With its water resistance of 200 meters, you knew your diving excursion planned for the following day would be worry free, especially with the unidirectional turning bezel and its easy-to-manipulate grip.

Was it your final glance at the deep blue watch dial that triggered what followed ? In your dreams, you were transported into a dream-like state of polar landscapes as seen by Freuchen, where hues of blue snow contrasted with icy white hour and minute hands and indexes covered with luminescent material, white Super-LumiNova®. His references to the magic of the Northern Lights became real as the bright green of the seconds hand and five-minute markers shimmered with splendour against the grained iridescent finishing on the polar blue dial.

With other versions of this latest model, you knew that in addition to blue and green dials three precious mother-of-pearl variants accompany them. Two of which were set with diamond indexes, and one with additional diamonds on the bezel. Shining like stars in the northern skies much as those seen by Freuchen.  It is said that some Eskimo dialects have more than 50 words to describe snow and its textures. And these colours and textures were spinning like a magnificent kaleidoscope everywhere.The world may sometimes be cold but magnificent and adventurous with the new TAG Heuer Aquaracer Solargraph.