LIFESTYLE Meet the new watchmaker on the block

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Build your own watchmaker at home this holiday season.

In a delightful fusion of haute horology and playful innovation, TAG Heuer unveils a special surprise — a TAG Heuer Watchmaker as a LEGO® brick model. Conceived with the help of the LEGO® Brick Artists at Brick Galleria, this model of a TAG Heuer watchmaker is a cheerful creation. It isn’t just a static model; it’s an interactive piece that invites you to wind it up and open a world of whimsical watchmaking treats. Let’s take a closer look.

Watch lovers, assemble!

Upon assembling this meticulously designed LEGO® Brick model, you realize that you’re not just piecing together blocks; you’re bringing to life a miniaturized, mechanical watchmaker. This character, sitting at its TAG Heuer workstation with an eyeglass and watchmaking gear, puts a fresh spin on the brand’s expertise. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Once fully assembled, the watchmaker reveals its most enchanting feature: a wind-up mechanism that brings it to life. Just take a look at the back of the model and you’ll spot a little red handle.

The big reveal

As you wind the handle, the watchmaker’s hand lifts the red TAG Heuer watchmaking box to reveal all of its expert tools and an assortment of miniature horological components. This action, a creative take on a real watchmaker at work, is a tribute to the art and science of watchmaking.

Playful precision

This LEGO® Brick model blends fun and precision. It bridges the gap between the meticulous world of horology and the imaginative realm of building blocks. As a unique conversation piece, it’s an enjoyable interpretation of the delicate world of watchmaking. Assemble, wind, and watch the magic of horology come to life, one block at a time.

Miniature version of the TAG Heuer watchmaking that you can build at home.

Keen to start building? Simply download this PDF to recreate a simplified miniature version of the TAG Heuer watchmaker at home. 


You can also download this file if you want to buy all the pieces simultaneously. It will help you find all of them on some online boutiques by using this file with all the pieces and quantities referenced.

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