LIFESTYLE The joys of driving after hours

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The magic of driving at night with the TAG Heuer Monaco Night Driver.

The shops are closed for the day. Rush hour is, thankfully, over. You’ve just had a long day and now the darkness has set in. Empty streets lay waiting. You press the ignition and your car purrs to life. You place your hands on the steering wheel, gently push your foot down on the accelerator and you’re off. There’s an indescribable magic to driving at night. As the world sleeps, the roads send an open invitation for you to roll down the windows and let the cool breeze in.

The joys of driving at night

The neon lights of shop signs flicker and dance at the corner of your eye. The headlights carve through the velvety darkness. The steering wheel allows you to embrace the sweet freedom of escape. The relentless stream of traffic has been replaced by just you and your vehicle. Landscapes subtly shift under the moonlight, with city skylines and suburbs creating mellow backdrops. 

The solitude of night-time offers you a unique sense of calm and peace. It’s when thoughts drift and meander, free from the shackles of daily distractions. The car becomes your happy place. You can hear the gentle hum of the car’s engine, your favorite song playing in the background. Driving at night isn’t merely about getting from point A to B; it’s an experience, a meditation. It’s a reminder that in the quiet hours, when the world stands still, there’s beauty out there, waiting to be discovered. And for those who dare to venture into the night, the road offers joys aplenty.

Inspired by night drives

All of these emotions are perfectly encapsulated by the TAG Heuer Monaco Night Driver. It is an ode to night-time drives. The luminescent dial is a real technical achievement for the Swiss watchmaker. By harnessing the capabilities of Super-LumiNova®, the timepiece is able to expand its brightness across a broader surface area, making the dial more visible in the dark.

As day turns to night, the watch’s cool, light gray exterior turns into a glowing vivid blue, with black-lacquered indexes marking the hours. It’s quite a sight to behold. This timepiece enhances the magic of driving gently through the darkness. The perfect companion the next time you fancy a drive after hours.

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