Watches After dark: the new TAG Heuer Monaco Night Driver

3 min

The luminescent chronograph arrives just in time for Formula 1’s favorite night race.

With the Singapore Grand Prix just around the corner, we’re unveiling a watch that, much like the night race, captures the romance of driving after dark. Meet the limited edition TAG Heuer Monaco Night Driver, featuring a fully luminescent dial. This timepiece isn’t designed just for the Singapore Grand Prix or Formula 1 fans. It’s the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys the thrills of a nighttime drive.

Light and shadow

Empty roads, neon lights, the quiet glow of the streetlamps. There is something magical about driving in the dark of the night. There are fewer distractions. It’s just you, your car, and the open road. This after hours experience feels more intense, more cerebral, more meditative. It is these emotions that inspired the making of the TAG Heuer Monaco Night Driver. The bright dial is a true technical achievement for TAG Heuer. By harnessing the capabilities of Super-LumiNova®, the timepiece is able to expand its luminosity across a broader surface area, making the dial more visible in the dark for 3 hours after being fully charged. It is a mesmerizing piece of Swiss watchmaking. A remarkable play of light and shadow. 

The exterior of the dial is a cool, light gray. As the day turns to night, it transforms into a glowing vivid blue, with black-lacquered indexes marking the hours. The chronograph registers are transformed to this same glowing blue, creating a vivid contrast with the black markings for minutes and hours. Even the hash-marks that indicate the minutes and seconds shine brightly, so you can take more precise readings. The ‘squares’ of the watch turn the watch into the perfect driver’s instrument, providing two different and complementary looks capturing the mood of darkness or light.

A glowing tribute

Inspired by the midnight blue, charcoal gray and matte black dials of the iconic vintage Monacos, this new edition elevates evenings spent cruising through the streets. It reminds you of some of the legendary TAG Heuer Monaco chronographs from the past. By using modern materials to capture the deep blue glow of the night sky, the watchmakers pay tribute to the collection’s iconic palette. But there’s more to this watch than meets the eye. Look under the bonnet and you’ll spot the in-house Heuer 02 movement. Its 80-hour power reserve can keep the timepiece running over the course of a (night) race weekend. 

This timepiece reflects everything that night drivers love about venturing out into the darkness. Just like twilight, the watch oozes an air of mystique and then demands your attention with its radiance. It’s the ideal partner for when you’re out on the open road in the darkness or cheering your team on during a night race.

The TAG Heuer Monaco Night Driver is limited to 600 pieces and will be released on 14 September, just before the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. It will be available at our TAG Heuer boutiques and on our website. If you’d like to know more, visit here.