Watches Playful Precision: TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph x Team Ikuzawa by Bamford

Discover our limited edition TAG Heuer Carrera in collaboration with Team Ikuzawa and Bamford Watch Department.

In a year of celebrations for our iconic TAG Heuer Carrera, we teamed up with fresh forces from Team Ikuzawa and Bamford Watch Department to create a limited edition watch as a statement of style and innovation. Join us as we explore the behind the scenes of this launch, looking at its design, heritage and meaning.

Playful Legacies: How Mai Ikuzawa embodies the racing spirit 

Journey back to the roots of the collaboration and you’ll find Tetsu Ikuzawa, the legendary Japanese racing driver. Hailing from Tokyo, Ikuzawa’s legacy stretches from local tracks to the international stage, leaving his mark on the world of motorsports. 

With a large, dedicated fanbase and a name that is etched in the international motorsport history, it was only natural that his legacy was carried on, even after his retirement. 

Fast-forward to the present where we meet Mai Ikuzawa, the current principal of Team Ikuzawa. A creative, but also passionate and precise driver herself, Mai is on a mission to forge a new wave of creativity while paying homage to her father’s racing heritage. Under her guidance, Team Ikuzawa has evolved from a racing team into a place where creativity and innovation thrive. 

A peek behind the curtain reveals Mai’s insights into the collaboration and the watch’s design. Passion and teamwork aren’t just words, they are the driving force behind every endeavour. Growing up surrounded by motorsport, taught Mai the values of precision, teamwork, and the thrill of the race, qualities which have been translated into our collaboration.

Minimalism and a spot of red

We all merged our unique skills to create a watch that is not just aesthetic, but an embodiment of philosophy. George Bamford completes our dream team on this special edition TAG Heuer Carrera. Founder of Bamford Watch Department whose  aim is to rediscover the art of personalisation in an age of mass production, it felt only natural for him to join us again, this time along Team Ikuzawa. The result: a limited edition TAG Heuer Carrera, with two strap options: the original in steel and an additional white velcro strap with the ‘Team Ikuzawa’ logo.  The clean, minimalist lines are inspired by Japanese design, while the white colour palette gives the design a timeless elegance. The red dot on the dial adds a level of playfulness that Mai Ikuzawa’s designs are known for, and ties together our collaboration for this limited edition watch.

There you have it, a convergence of legacy and precision, delivered straight to your wrist. And if you’re ready to be part of the action you can keep exploring this collaboration in Japan, as this limited edition is available exclusively in TAG Heuer boutiques in Japan and on our Japanese e-commerce website.