Watches New Horizons: The latest TAG Heuer Connected Watch goes the distance

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An exclusive look at the TAG Heuer Connected Watch Calibre E4 in all its sleek, technical glory.

Naomi Osaka, brand ambassador, in the new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 campaign

Since TAG Heuer launched the world’s very first Swiss luxury smartwatch in 2015, we’ve been addicted to the thrill of innovating further. We create each and every one of our Connected Watches with the same level of craft and savoir-faire as our analogue timepieces, always pushing beyond the edge of what’s possible. From the original 46mm titanium model, our TAG Heuer Connected Watches have come a long way, making warpspeed progress in design and function. The latest? Our 4th generation of smart watches, the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4, available in two sizes, including a 42mm, which is a first for the range.

Infinite design

This latest edition features a new case design with a glass box screen. Thanks to a sapphire glass box and integrated silver timer, the Calibre E4 features an “endless” screen effect, the bezel smooth and flush with the screen, much like the surface of an infinity pool. The look is clean and sleek, a perfect balance of sporty and elegant.

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 42mm (SBR8010.BT6271)

A matter of size

The new watch is smaller than previous editions, available in 42 and 45mm models, both ergonomic and comfortable, but with two different attitudes. In the 42mm version you’ll find a thinner case and bezel, with a bracelet that is seamlessly incorporated into the design. Featuring new lug design compared to previous generations of the TAG Heuer Connected Watch, as well as more refined pushers and a more discreet steel crown, this watch is built for streamlined elegance.

A step up, size-wise, the 45mm has the feel of a traditional high-end timepiece, with a strong ceramic bezel. Its crown has a larger diameter, making it easy to adjust, and the pushers have a tactile, mechanical feel. Light on the wrist, this version is designed with an increased sense of flow, perfect for when you’re on the go.


Like our previous generations of TAG Heuer Connected Watches, the Calibre E4 is powered by Wear OS by Google and is compatible with phones running with Android 6+ or iOS 13+. The TAG Heuer sports app has been revamped to allow users to keep track of running (indoor and outdoor) cycling, swimming, golf and walking performance. In addition, the TAG Heuer Connected Watch Calibre E4 includes a range of customisable modular workouts — complete with slick animation that plays on the watchface — so you follow a personalised fitness routine. Discover the fitness features here.

Make it personal

For a tailor-made timekeeping experience, you’ll find that the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 comes with interchangeable straps in black or multi-coloured rubber, as well as leather or steel options. Several sets of new watch faces are available for this new edition, with new digital features delivering up-to-the-moment information on weather, wellness and your calendar. Choose from static watchfaces like a more traditional chronograph rendition to a “Wellness” face that tracks your personal stats. There’s also a digitally animated “Riverside” option for an immersive, futuristic experience. It’s like a constantly moving artwork that evolves in real-time based on an algorithm.

Choose the combination of strap and watch face that suits your style and routine best.

Learn more

If you’re curious to dive deeper into this sleek new edition, to learn more about its design, features and the available options, visit for more information.

Already a proud owner of a TAG Heuer Connected Watch from a previous generation? Discover our new Trade-In program.

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45 mm (SBR8A80.BT6270)