SPORT Higher Purpose : Explore the dizzying heights of Cliff Diving

Take a dive into the rich history of this super-natural sport, as we look back on its origins - and into its future...

What might be termed the ‘wild swimming’ of the high dive, cliff diving is one of the most ancient athletic endeavours on the planet. So what exactly does it entail? The clue is in the name – skilled execution of various dive types, from natural features such as cliffs or high, rocky precipices that overlook a large body of water.  And it goes without saying that you need a deep entry-point free from rocks or other obstacles!

Once upon a cliff…

And the attraction didn’t stop in Maui – cliff diving was also a significant part of Mayan culture in southern Mexico; La Quebrada was the most famous of these ancient diving spots, and remains so today!

High Speed…

Now an organised, international sport governed by the ‘World High Diving Federation’ (headquartered on TAG Heuer home turf in Switzerland), cliff diving competitions include an annual world championship, with an established qualification and judging system similar to that of Olympic diving. 

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The WHDF sanctions an annual world championship and it has established a qualification and competition judging system that is akin to the manner in which dives are judged in the more conventional Olympic settings.



Low Maintenance, High Adrenaline…


Cliff diving may be an ‘extreme’ sport, but unusually for such activities, there’s no equipment to buy, no special clothing to wear, and no services to hire.  All it takes is your body (and gravity, and quite a bit of courage). Wondering if cliff-diving is the next adrenaline hit in your extreme sports adventure? Imagine jumping off an eight-story building. That’s the (26m) height from which World Champions often dive.

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After the television show “Wide World of Sports” featured the International Cliff Diving Championship competition in Acapulco, Mexico in a 1968 broadcast, the sport surged in popularity. In 1996, the World High Diving Federation was formed to organize competitions, work with Olympic committees, and spread the word; today, amateur and pro cliff divers alike scour the world for the next thrill, and the ultimate dive. Popular locations range from icy natural pools in Switzerland all the way to the turquoise waters of Jamaica. But exotic locations are just the icing on the adrenaline-laced cake of free-falling at high speed through the air into pristine waters.  

Tempted? Take along an ally for luck; the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 is stress-tested to the max, capable of absorbing enormous impact, and waterproof up to 300 m.  What’s more? You’ll look good on the way down (facial expressions notwithstanding).

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