LIFESTYLE Make father's day last a lifetime


Father’s Day is fast approaching. It’s time to let your father know he’s not just the man of the hour, but an enduring icon. Explore our collections to find a watch as unique as he is.

Father’s Day doesn’t always get the fanfare that Mother’s Day does. Perhaps that’s because dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for – we’ve certainly all been guilty of falling back on the obvious options at the last minute, over the years. This year, things should be different. Perhaps more than ever we know time is precious, and time with loved ones is priceless. If ever there was a time to show your appreciation for all the things he’s done for you, it’s now. So this Father’s Day, make a gesture that means a lot more than a pair of socks, and lasts a little longer than sailing lessons.

As a tribute to the many hours spent raising you and a guarantee of the good times ahead, there’s no greater gift than a timepiece. A TAG Heuer watch will make this Father’s Day count, and serve as a constant reminder of your admiration – even when you can’t be together. Whether he’s perpetually outdoors, permanently on the move, or prefers holding court at the head of the table, find a watch that reflects not just the father, but the man.


TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition

Commemorate that happy summer afternoon when your dad took you to his ‘club’ for the first time, the long hours he spent helping you perfect your swing, or showing you how to tell Wedges from Woods.  For the man who’s always out on the green (but still knows how to download an app) – the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition is at the cutting edge of wearable tech, but keeps it elegant in the club house bar after-hours. With multiple tools to improve his handicap, and digital courses to explore from Scotland to the Seychelles. 

TAG Heuer Monaco

Have you ever worried that your friends think your dad is cooler than you are? He’s always dependable, but never predictable. He dares to be different, and he hasn’t let fatherhood cramp his style one bit. He knows his classic cars as well as his classic movies, and like both of those things, he’s only improving with age. Whether he’s in a vintage mood or feeling more modern, he always evokes an air of effortless Hollywood cool. If your dad is a rebel who makes retro relevant and you’re proud of him for breaking the mould, treat him to something as bold and provocative as he is, with a TAG Heuer Monaco.

TAG Heuer Carrera

Is the man who raised you as active as he is elegant? As robust as he is refined? A professional with a sporting spirit who appreciates understated luxury and impeccable style? If this sounds familiar, consider the iconic sports watches in the TAG Heuer Carrera family – for the man who is never rushed but always on time. If your father is a perfectionist who likes his timepiece to be on point he’ll be as impressed with this watch as you are with him.

TAG Heuer Formula 1

We all have memories of trying to keep up with our fathers, and some of us are still trying. If your dad shows no signs of slowing down and is just as comfortable halfway up a mountain as he is on a motorway, explore the TAG Heuer Formula 1 collection. If you’ve always marvelled at your father’s ability to handle whatever life throws at him, get him a watch that can do the same. Durable, versatile, and super tough, they’re built for renaissance men who dare to live life at full speed.