LIFESTYLE Now Streaming: Life of Kai

4 min

An immersive video journey in 5 parts, taking you around the world and into some big waves with pro surfer Kai Lenny. For four months in the 2019-2020 winter, a camera crew covered the life of Kai Lenny, watching him train and compete across several time zones.

Pumping with adrenaline, these five episodes provide an up close and personal perspective of the life and times of pro surfer Kai Lenny. The series follows Kai around the world over the course of a single winter season, featuring high-intensity training and big wave competitions. Get ready to grip the edge of your front-row seat.

If the series leaves you wanting more adventures with Kai, join us for a viewing of 24 Hours with… Kai Lenny as he travels from Maui to Tahiti via L.A.X.

Episode 1: Aloha Mr Lenny

Kai grew up on Maui with the ocean coursing through his veins. Inspired by some of the world’s best surfers, he took to the board early, honing his skills on every wave. His current aim? To be the world’s best big wave rider.

Episode 2: Showdown at Peahi

In this episode, Kai competes in his own backyard at Peahi (AKA Jaws) at the WSL Big Wave World Tour, an event he’s participated in before. He’s up against some of the world best…

Episode 3: The legend of Nazaré

Kai’s search for surf continues in Nazaré, a fishing village in northern Portugal known for its massive waves. Kai tries out his hydrofoil with Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca, his partner for the Big Wave World Tour tow surfing event.

Episode 4: Slaying Gigantes

It’s on. Kai competes in the Gigantes de Nazaré and the breaks are as giant as the contest’s name suggests. Then Kai travels back to Maui, where he catches some big, beautiful waves at Peahi, his home surf turf.

Episode 5: Redemption at Nazaré

Back in Portugal, Kai and “Chumbo” prepare for the Big Wave World Tour tow surfing event at Nazaré. These two Young Bulls are a dream team, living on the edge and stoked to show the world their love for big waves.