LIFESTYLE Every Day is Mother’s Day

5 min

But you can still make this year’s holiday count – with a gift she can enjoy every day of the year. Explore our Collections to discover which timepiece will suit the mother in your life perfectly.


Yes, it’s the ‘best job in the world’. Yes, she’s had your back (quite literally) since the day you were born. And no, you probably didn’t thank her enough. And yes, it’s true; mothers do not sleep – they just worry with their eyes closed. But who is your mother really? Go with us on this one – consider, for a moment, who your mother is when she’s not being your mother. That’s right, we’re asking you to imagine the unimaginable: that her world does not actually revolve around you. 

On Mother’s Day 2021, it’s time to think outside the (gift) box. This remarkable woman, who has – despite the inevitable human idiosyncrasies – most probably given you (or your children, or your grandchildren) the gift of her focus and time surely deserves something more special than chocolate. 

While it’s impossible to put a price on love, we’re bringing you a collection of exceptional timepieces to honour any mother-figure in your life – celebrating her strength, elegance, power, beauty, individuality, and generosity (or maybe it’s time to treat yourself, mother or not!). Choose designs from the adventurous to the classically stylish; from the athletic, to the ornate…  


TAG Heuer Aquaracer

For the mother in your life who took you sailing for the very first time, and taught you how to tie a bowline on your sixth birthday. Or showed you how to dive to the bottom of the ocean to collect shells, or built sandcastles every summer. For the fearless swimmer, the wind-chaser, the wave-rider. Maybe these days she prefers to sip a cocktail on the beach at sunset, but you know the spirit of the sea will always be a part of who she is – discover our full range of Aquaracer watches, for both sporting excellence and impeccable elegance. 


TAG Heuer Carrera

Met your partner (now mother of your children) screaming your heads off in the stands of an F1 Grand Prix? Have a mother in your life with an unstoppable thirst for adventure? Or just have the good fortune to know one who’s a classic beauty with unimpeacheable style? Then this year it’s time to explore the TAG Heuer Carrera family – with robust yet refined designs sure to delight the bold, the brave and the beautiful.


TAG Heuer Connected

For the athlete, the runner, the golf addict, yoga bunny, or wellness junkie. She’s an example to all she meets – placing her health first, she does the (almost) impossible, and makes sure to take care of herself before taking care of others. Or maybe she’s just a digital nerd who loves having the best wearable tech on the market, to help her keep track of a mind-boggling schedule. Choose from a range of Connected watches, from specialised models for the golfer in your life, to performance-boosting programs that help keep track of all her stats via our in-house app.