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Where digital innovation meets traditional craftsmanship: the TAG Heuer Connected collection seamlessly merges mechanical watchmaking with digital sophistication. Elevating its array of watch faces, the TAG Heuer Connected watch now offers a diverse selection of new styles directly derived from our iconic mechanical timepieces.

Almost a decade after the release of its first collection, the TAG Heuer Connected watch opens up new horizons, allowing users to discover the company’s different worlds through its most emblematic dials.

A digital heart with a mechanical soul. TAG Heuer’s latest innovation marks a turning point in the evolution of luxury smartwatches and demonstrates once again the brand’s commitment to ever greater excellence.

“Our line of connected watches embodies our desire to always reinvent ourselves and look to the future while remaining attached to the DNA and values of the company,” explains Jérôme Mathieu, Managing Director, TAG Heuer Connected Watch Business Unit.

TAG Heuer’s expertise has always been particularly appreciated by brand lovers who want to wear a connected watch that meets their everyday needs while preserving the brand’s values of elegance, design, and avant-gardism.

“Now we’re going one step further and enriching our catalog by introducing some of the House’s most iconic collections.” The collections? TAG Heuer Carrera, Aquaracer and Formula 1, naturally.

« Our line of Connected watches embodies our desire to always reinvent ourselves and look to the future while remaining attached to the DNA and values of the company. »

Jérôme Mathieu Managing Director, Connected Watch Business Unit at TAG Heuer.

Generating new emotions

The TAG Heuer Connected watch team, working in close collaboration with the TAG Heuer product team, has taken on the immense challenge of inspiring as many emotions as a mechanical watch on a digital dial.

“From initiation to validation, the work of creating these dials was a total co-construction. We are fortunate to belong to a House with a wealth of expertise.” The different teams have one thing in common: a genuine passion for watchmaking.

“Realism was one of the driving forces behind the design of this new watch faces, whether in terms of light effects, depth contrast, or mechanisms such as the highly specific tourbillon movement,” adds Romain Campus, Watch Group Product Director at TAG Heuer.

  • TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4, reference SBR8A10.BT6259

A world of its own

But it would be illusory to believe that the TAG Heuer Connected watch collection would have the ambition to be just a 2.0 copy. “The two worlds are complementary. The Connected watch now has a world of its own and can echo or even complement that of the traditional watch,” he continues.

In the case of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer collection, the brightness of the digital dial automatically adapts to the intensity of ambient light so that the watch face is visible in all circumstances. An innovation that obviously echoes the Solargraph technology.

As brand enthusiasts know better than anyone, customization has always been an integral part of the TAG Heuer Connected collection. And these new dials are no exception to the rule, as Romain Campus explains: “In particular, different color sets will be available so that the watch adapts to everyone’s style while respecting the design codes of the mechanical collection from which the dial is inspired.”

The TAG Heuer Connected watch is one of the many forms of expression of the company’s avant-garde. With this new proposal, TAG Heuer continues to pave the way for the fusion of the mechanical and digital worlds. This is just the beginning.