LIFESTYLE A summer to remember with the TAG Heuer Carrera Skipper

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The Edge, a magazine by TAG Heuer, looks back on a memorable season with the TAG Heuer Carrera Skipper.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Skipper Chronograph (CBS2213.FN6002) by © Riley Harper

The bright summer sun beats down on the deck, dressing the wide open sea in front of you in diverse shades of blue. Your sails are up and the warm, salty breeze gently guides your boat towards boundless horizons. You steer your way out of the harbor and glide towards lush islands of adventure. On your wrist is your favorite companion: the TAG Heuer Carrera Skipper. You feel at one with the vast ocean, the tides and time. This is the beautiful life: the sun, the sea and the Skipper.

© Riley Harper

A Skipper summer

The TAG Heuer Carrera Skipper, much like the Heuer Skipper, immerses you in the pleasures of being at sea. The perfect sailing timepiece, what strikes you at first glance is its color scheme, a heartfelt tribute to the original. Imagine sitting on the deck of a yacht, the signature blue dial of the Skipper on your wrist mirroring the deep blue sea around you. The 12-hour counter comes in Intrepid Teal, reminiscent of the vintage deck colors. There’s also the 15-minute regatta counter, segmented into three eye-catching hues — Intrepid Teal, Lagoon Green, and Regatta Orange. These colors aren’t merely a nostalgic nod; they have a practical purpose. The vivid orange still signals the last 5 minutes before a race, just like in the ’60s. Being out on the water with this watch is a magical experience. It reminds you of its storied history while also connecting you to the joys of sailing.

© Riley Harper

The beautiful life

Steering out to sea to view the sunset. Sipping on sundowners. Lounging around with family and friends. Yacht parties. This watch matches every summery vibe you can think of. It’s a conversation starter with a rich backstory that captivates everyone, from beachgoers to stylists to watch enthusiasts. Like a loyal first mate, the watch keeps you on course to living la bella vita. So what does this beautiful life with the Skipper look like? Just ask Riley Harper, stuntman, photographer and watch aficionado from Los Angeles. Riley’s glorious pictures capture the pure joy of venturing out to sea with the timepiece. 

As the sun sets on the summer season, the TAG Heuer Carrera Skipper is a constant reminder that the beautiful life at sea beckons. New seasons, new horizons and new adventures await. Ahoy to autumn.

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