LIFESTYLE TAG Heuer Connected: The perfect match for NFTs

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The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch lets you display your NFT artworks on your wrist.

The world is changing fast. And a lot of this is down to the rapid evolution of the Internet. From Web3 to blockchain to NFTs to cryptocurrencies, there’s a lot to digest. As an avant garde, innovative brand, TAG Heuer is here to help watch enthusiasts stay in tune with our changing world. We seek to create unique, exclusive experiences that capture the zeitgeist. That’s why, shortly after entering the cryptocurrency space in the United States, TAG Heuer is taking another bold step into the world of Web3. We’re introducing an NFT viewer for customers to showcase their digital asset collection, with a verified proof of ownership, on their TAG Heuer Connected watch. But before we explain what this means and how it works, let’s take a moment and get back to the basics.

So, what are non-fungible tokens again?

The jargon surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be confusing and sometimes, intimidating. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert in blockchain technology to understand NFTs. These tokens are based on the economic concept of fungibility, or the ability to replace or be replaced by another identical item. Currency, oil and gold are all fungible assets. Non-fungible digital assets are unique goods that don’t have interchangeable value.

NFT is a term used to describe a unique digital asset whose ownership is tracked on a blockchain, such as Ethereum. Assets that can be represented as NFTs range from digital collectibles and art pieces, items that exist within virtual worlds, to claims on physical assets such as clothing items or real estate. In the coming years, NFTs might be used to unlock new use cases that are only made possible by blockchain and crypto. It’s a brave new world out there.

NFTs, meet the TAG Connected Calibre E4

TAG Heuer presents a new way to bring these valuable and highly collectible artworks into the real world. For the first time, they can be worn on your wrist with a verified proof of ownership. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 allows you to display NFT artworks on your watch by connecting your crypto wallet to guarantee authenticity. This novel experience is part of TAG Heuer’s expanding digital ecosystem of apps and watch faces, created by a team of in-house developers and bearing the brand’s trademark design signatures.

The new faces of the future

With this new feature, you can transfer multiple NFTs to the new Lens watch face via a paired smartphone. The watch face has three unique ways of displaying time while showcasing your favorite NFT artworks. This includes a conceptual design with a triangle and a circle representing hours and minutes. You can securely connect to various crypto wallets like Metamask or Ledger Live, and select the NFTs you want to display on your watch. You can also resize the images, so they fit on your smartwatch’s round screen.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 offers the perfect platform to view these artworks whose ownership is secured by blockchain technology. Thanks to a high contrast ratio, the smartwatch’s industry-leading screen is clear even in strong sunlight. And high fidelity color reproduction means your NFTs are displayed just as the creators intended.

A new expression of digital identity

TAG Heuer introduces a graphic proof of ownership on the watch face. Verified NFTs are displayed in a hexagon with a cloud of particles gravitating around the image.  Some NFTs are still images, and some are animated GIFs. TAG Heuer’s watch face will support these formats in crisp detail, with animations looping infinitely.

The new Lens watch face will work across both the 45mm and 42mm models of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4—making it easier for you to show off your favorite digital possessions. You can display images from your personal photo library, your NFT collection or from a range of TAG Heuer curated images. The brand has partnered with key community members around NFT projects, like BAYC, and CLONE-X.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new feature, which will be available as a free update to all owners of our TAG Heuer Calibre E4 watches via the App Store and on Google Play. Here’s to new beginnings.