SPORT Custom made for each other

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Discover the two special edition timepieces made for the extraordinary Oracle Red Bull Racing duo, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez.

Like a happily married couple. Like day and night. Like peanut butter and jelly even. These are the kinds of analogies we use to describe the relationship between TAG Heuer and racing. They just complement each other perfectly. Step into almost any era of racing and you’ll find photographs of legendary racing drivers raising trophies with TAG Heuer watches wrapped snugly around their wrists. Walk into most racing events and you’ll find beaming billboards announcing TAG Heuer as sponsors. And to celebrate its passion for racing, TAG Heuer often creates custom timepieces for motorsport’s most iconic drivers. Like the exceptional Formula One driver duo from Oracle Red Bull Racing, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez.

  • Sergio Pérez winning the Monaco Grand Prix, 2022

Checo and his TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Tourbillon

To mark Sergio Pérez’s home race, the 2021 Mexican Grand Prix, TAG Heuer presented Checo with a special edition TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Tourbillon chronograph. Only two pieces were produced. One for Checo and the other to raise funds for the Checo Pérez Foundation. The sophisticated 45mm timepiece is made of lightweight Grade 2 titanium and coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC). Its full matte black aesthetic is softened by elegant and subtle rose gold accents. The letters “SP” are engraved on the dial. And you’ll find Pérez’s motto “Never give up” seared onto the sapphire crystal caseback, which also features the date of the historic Grand Prix: 07.11.21. Pérez seems to have worn this timepiece many times this season. And it really stood out this weekend, when Pérez raised his first place trophy at the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix. Checo’s lucky charm?

  • Max Verstappen wearing his new custom timepiece at the Monaco Grand Prix 2022

Max and his TAG Heuer Monaco

Amidst the champagne-filled celebrations that followed the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix, you might’ve noticed Max Verstappen wearing another TAG Heuer special: the new TAG Heuer Monaco. To mark a triumphant weekend for Oracle Red Bull Racing, TAG Heuer presented Max Verstappen with a personalized version of the new TAG Heuer Monaco. Verstappen’s timepiece has the number “1” on the dial as well as on the caseback—reflecting his race number. The latest iteration of the Monaco, this timepiece is another tribute to the legendary Grand Prix. Taking its inspiration from the Heuer Monaco Ref. 740303N (also known as “Dark Lord” amongst collectors), the new TAG Heuer Monaco is also made with Grade 2 titanium and coated in DLC. The result is a deep, rich color that’s embellished with rose gold indexes and hands. The watch is made to reflect both the luxury of the Principality and the perils of racing its legendary circuit. The ideal timepiece for a very special world champion.

A timeless relationship

Both custom watches encapsulate not just the drivers’ racing styles and symbols, but TAG Heuer’s timeless relationship with motorsport. Racing wouldn’t be the same without TAG Heuer. And TAG Heuer wouldn’t be the same without racing. We are proof that time and speed are custom made for each other.