Watches Legendary Chronograph

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This new TAG Heuer Monaco Special Edition is unveiled to mark the legendary Monaco Grand Prix and finds inspiration from an iconic model from the 1970s. This piece uses modern materials and a historical lineage to make its ultimate racing chronograph a model for eternity.

TAG Heuer Monaco (CBL2180.FC6497)

Demonstrating the bold innovation of the TAG Heuer Monaco, this exclusive chronograph captures and advances the mystique of a perfect racing modern chronograph. From its introduction in 1969, the TAG Heuer Monaco collection has challenged every aspect of watchmaking with its fearless innovation. In an era when there were only hand-wound chronographs, the Monaco was one of the first automatic chronographs. Rather than the traditional black or white used for dials, the Monaco was painted a brilliant blue (made even bolder by the bright white registers and red accents).


But the most radical innovation was the Monaco’s shape – against a tradition of virtually all chronographs being round, the Monaco was square and the first to be housed in a waterproof case. The “Monaco” name itself captured the duality of the watch, reflecting the unmatched luxury of the Principality, contrasted with the danger of the legendary Formula 1 race.

TAG Heuer Monaco (CBL2180.FC6497)

From the moment of its introduction, the Monaco would reflect the cutting edge of contemporary design. From the midnight blue and bright white of the late 1960s to the contrasting gray tones used in the early 1970s, the Monaco reflected popular culture while advancing the limits of design. It was natural then that in the late 1970s, the Monaco chronograph would introduce an entirely different look, a matte black case and dial, with bright orange and white accents, optimizing the usefulness of the chronograph as a tactical instrument for the racer.

Now, over 50 years after the introduction of Heuer Monaco, this new chronograph incorporates today’s most innovative materials and engineering.

The case of this chronograph is executed in Grade 2 titanium, coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon). Titanium is a material, offering a unique combination of strength and light weight while remaining free of corrosion. TAG Heuer used titanium for the construction of only one previous Monaco chronograph, the Titan model offered as a Limited Edition in 2021 and worn by Max Verstappen as his “lucky charm” during his 2021 Formula 1 World Championship campaign, which has already become highly-coveted by collectors. Of course, the use of titanium for chronographs was unknown in the 1970s, with Heuer first using the material in the early 1980s.

This new Monaco marks the first use of black-coated titanium for a Monaco chronograph, and the DLC coating provides deep, rich color that will stand up to its intended use as the racer’s tool. The coating is sandblasted to produce a grained finish. Advances in coatings now allow the black coating to be used not only on the case but also on the crown, pushers, and case back.


The in-house Heuer 02 movement that powers the newest Monaco provides another dramatic contrast to the movements that powered the original Monaco chronographs of the 1970s. Utilizing a traditional column wheel to actuate the chronograph and offering a power reserve, the beautiful finishing of the Heuer 02 is topped with a rose gold-plated oscillating mass and proudly displayed through the sapphire case-back.

The new Monaco is for enthusiasts who demand the performance of today’s innovative materials and technologies in a legendary chronograph that presents the romance of the golden age of racing.