SPORT Breaking the ice: Arthur Guerin-Boeri sets a cold-defying record

4 min

The 25th of March 2021, Lake Sonnanen, north of Helsinki, Finland.


It’s 2pm, and crisp 6°C, as 36-year-old Arthur Guerin-Boeri prepares to once again realize the impossible before him: establish the world record for the longest under-ice swim with a single breath. A journey that promises to take him beyond silence, at the edge of human ability.


The lake is frozen with 50 centimeters of ice, and the entry hole reads a temperature of just 2°C. Undeterred by the stress that precedes such an extreme endeavor, the five-time world champion dynamic apnea diver is preparing to surpass himself like never before. To do so, he enters the lake wearing just a 2mm thick wetsuit. No fins, no flippers, and no gloves. His only companion for this intense challenge? His reliable TAG Heuer Aquaracer. Timing is, after all, vital when free-diving.


After nearly an hour of breathing exercises, the Nice-born free diver remains calm and calculated. He takes a long, single breath and gets ready for the great dive. To come this far has required countless hours of intense cardiovascular preparation under the close supervision of Dr. François Raoux from the INSEP and the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris.

His lungs are now full of oxygen, it is time.

The daredevil diver slips under the thick ice sheet.

3 minutes and 120 meters later, Guerin-Boeri ascends triumphantly. The feat, certified by the CMAS (World Underwater Federation), is achieved. His reaction? “For a place hostile to life in general, it was surprisingly pleasant. It’s a moment to remember. At around 0°C, the water grips the body, it’s enchanting and has a hibernating effect.” No wonder free diving has become so popular in recent years.


This first of a series of upcoming bold challenge solidifies the heavy-duty nature of Guerin-Boeri’s TAG Heuer Aquaracer. This versatile watch was firmly strapped around this champion diver’s wrist during his record-breaking free dive. A Pressure-proof tool, ready for any adventure, just like the legendary Arthur Guerin-Boeri.