STORIES Time Out: the TAG Heuer Carrera x Porsche Viewed by Romaric André

4 min

For the Time Out section, The Edge Magazine asks young artists, designers and photographers to showcase a TAG Heuer watch to share what they do and relate it to an aspect of the world of watchmaking.

This week, we have asked Romaric André a.k.a Seconde/Seconde/, to spend some time with the latest Carrera, born from a collaboration between TAG Heuer and Porsche. An opportunity for this watch lover to get to know not only one, but two icons.

The result was a tremendous visual impact for the Carrera TAG Heuer x Porsche, and a great promotion for the use of cardboard, Romaric’s favourite material. With a passionate eye for detail, the watchmaker meticulously inspects every aspect of the timepiece, down to the smallest detail.

No hint of exaggeration, just simple tactics, a few lines and some scraps of paper to perfectly reveal all the facets of the digital visuals. Far from photographic clichés, it’s a unique encounter between low-tech and high-tech that makes sparks fly. Without any further delay, here are the images of the thrilling partnership.

1/7 - Automatic

2/7 - Diagram

3/7 - Chronograph

4/7 - Petrol pump

5/7 - Pit stop

Romaric André, founder of seconde/seconde/

“We often tend to intellectualize too much. And the recourse to this primary material that is cardboard, to minimal, almost irrelevant ideas, is my counterpoint to the watchmaking emphasis. We can see it as a form of irreverence towards the subject. But it’s also proof of my nervousness; when faced with something that fascinates or impresses me, my first instinct – survival? – it’s trying to push it around. So yes, I have an unexplained fascination with the watchmaking object “

6/7 - Comic strip

7/7 - Engine

Since 1963, TAG Heuer and Porsche have journeyed in parallel. The time has come to unite on a single track.


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