LIFESTYLE Hole In One: How To Dress for Success on the Course

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Improve your sartorial game on the green with a set of do’s and don’ts to avoid fashion faux pas and keep your style fresh.

While it’s true that golf may not have the shiniest of reputations when it comes to fashion (lumpy Argyle and pleated trousers have done little for the status of contemporary menswear), things have changed since your grandfather started hitting the links every Sunday in flamingo pink diamond print.  So we’re bringing you a hat-to-tee guide to a 2021 look as flawless as your handicap, from elegant essentials to high-performance gear, eye-catching details and a respectful nod to heritage chic. 

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Do’s :

  • Keep it Classic: Neutral shades such as black, navy, white, grey, and khaki always lend an air of effortless sophistication. What’s more, you can’t go wrong with any combination – you can even create a ‘capsule’ wardrobe for the course. With a TAG Heuer Connected strap in our newest shades of Brown Nubuk or Khaki Nubuk leather, you’re sorted. 


  • Standout Statements: one of the simplest ways to make an impact is with a printed shirt – which, incidentally, is bang on-trend this year. Many lines have introduced graphics, microprints, and fearless designs that stop at the waistline… and can be tucked neatly under a light merino-blend knit when you get back to the clubhouse bar. If you decide to include a pop of colour, it’s even more important to keep everything else simple – add a splash of bright blue, yellow, orange or green to an elegant background of dark blue, navy, or black.


  • Quality Counts:  while it’s certainly not necessarily to bankrupt yourself in the name of sportswear, there are some places where investment isn’t just important – it’s imperative. High-quality water-resistant and outerwear are essential in order to play your best; just try improving your swing with limited motion or when you’re cold and wet. The best water-resistant gear will last for years, and never goes out of style – so choose something breathable, well-fitted and well-made. 


  • Streamline your Silhouettes: consider your cuts. The shape of golf attire has shifted in recent years toward a much slimmer line, in line with contemporary fashion. Slim-fitting trousers, even ‘ultra-slim’ inseams, are becoming increasingly popular. With outerwear, it’s important to maintain a full range of motion, while keeping the shape fitted. 


  • Go Spikeless:  golf footwear has evolved in recent years too.  Many pros have chosen to go spike-free, and overall the trend is toward lighter, more fashion-conscious styles.  What’s more, you have a right to be impatient; it’s perfectly reasonable to buy shoes and expect to play in them the same afternoon.  Gone are the days of uncomfortable wearing-in periods. Without spikes, you can even wear the new generation of footwear off the course (though we’d recommend keeping a pair of course-only kicks). 



  • You are not a Peacock: (at least, not on the golf course). There’s no need to include more than two bright colours – gone are the days of ‘taste the rainbow’ styling, or dressing for attention.  Popular colours this season include pale yellow and blue, to complement grey essentials. 


  • White belts are for Judo: a common error these days (which has become a sore subject amongst golf style experts) is the deplorable practise of ruining a perfectly respectable outfit with a white belt. Let’s be clear – white belt, white trousers, no problem. But if you have a white stripe around your middle separating a colourful top and bottom, oreo cookie-style, think again.  


  • Don’t let it all hang out: As a general rule, sleeves should reach three-quarters of the way to your elbow. If you’re fortunate enough to be in good shape – read, have some form of bicep to show off to the world without shame – they can be a bit shorter. But every elbow is beautiful; if they’re hidden, your sleeves are too long. If you’re a larger size, don’t make the mistake of assuming that a baggy shirt will make you appear smaller – well-fitting attire is far more flattering. 


  • Brand Overload: there’s nothing wrong with having a favourite label, or knowing which work well for you. But there’s no need to go overboard and wear one brand from top to toe. Unless you’re sponsored (and even then,  it’s not uncommon for pros to mix and match) don’t feel obliged to ‘match’ your polo logo with your trousers, shoes, and cap. Spread the love.   


  • The Perils of ‘Golf Style’: anything you wear on the course shouldn’t look out of place in a social situation. Ok, no need to wear your spikes to the next wedding you attend – but you also don’t have to enter a mythical golf universe where ‘special’ sartorial rules apply. There’s no requirement for pattern-on-pattern, hundreds of layers, or shapeless shirts that you wouldn’e be seen dead in anywhere else.


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