Watches A day in the life – with the TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition

The TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition is here! We chose to celebrate the release with one of the first people to ever wear the watch, and follow him throughout his day. To avoid being hounded by thousands of curious onlookers, all names and precise locations have been redacted...

Max is 36 years old, sleeps eight hours a day, and tries downing protein shakes but is way too partial to his breakfast of three pieces of buttered toast and jam. His latest obsession? Moving as much as possible! After the lockdown nightmare, he’s never been so eager to let off some steam. His mood and mental clarity depend on it—his time figure probably does, too.

He sets himself a goal every morning. The growing-a-mustache one may have been scrapped… he’s a clean-cut guy and always will be… but 10,000 steps a day? That’s non-negotiable. It’s 10,000 steps for mankind, one big leap for the man he’ll become! Running a hand through his hair, he winks at the steamy mirror and makes sure his watch is charged before heading out. It’s 8:00 am … and time for work.

Max cycles everywhere, but the back wheel on his green fixie has a flat this morning. So he’s starting the day with a brisk walk to the bus stop –but the bus is a no show. Always one step ahead, Max keeps walking to the next stop. He tracks his steps on his wrist. He’s definitely sweaty on arrival, but the Mario on the dial is boosted by…a Super Mushroom, the first level’s magical prize. He’s already 25% of the way there!

On the way, Max gets a coffee for his coworker and mentor (and oat milk enthusiast) Edward, which Max laments when he realizes the elevator is still on the fritz.

His quads are on fire as he arrives at the 10th floor without spilling a drop, but the gauge on his watch’s dial has jumped quite a bit. He’s got a good feeling about today!

Let’s get to the meetings. Feeling especially sociable as lunchtime arrives, Max decides to relocate the appointment scheduled for the meeting room to a new restaurant a few blocks from the office. A quick detour to see if the corner bookstore got the comic book he ordered (and get in some nice steps while he’s at it), then he heads to the patio to meet his friend Fabrizio, proud owner of an enviable mustache.

Time flies when you’re having fun! Max glances at his watch, sees he missed a call from Edward and suggests to Fabrizio that they walk off lunch. Max is increasingly pleased with how the day is going – only 550 more steps!

Thirty minutes and 14 floors later, Max turns off all notifications and sits down on the office building’s roof that has a breathtaking view of his beloved Paris. A 10-minute meditation session does the trick and his heart rate is back to normal. Max is as fresh as Mario coming out of the Pipe. He’s at 50% of his goal, with 5,000 steps behind him.

He leaves two voicemails before back-to-back afternoon meetings: one for his cousin Pete about a workout/happy hour. When it comes to burning calories and fat, he’s definitely got some room for improvement. The other is for his girlfriend Anna about dinner at a trending food hall across town. The consummate foodie in him wants to check it out.

On the way from the office to the gym, Max feels like he’s grown wings. He traded in his dress shoes for sneakers and is already thinking about the record he’s going to beat in HIIT class and how red Pete’s head will be. A star appears on his watch and Mario goes into invincible mode. He’s at 75% of his goal!

Just as he does after every workout, Max once again realizes that exercise actually gives you more energy. He enjoys a stroll to recover, while ordering a car to meet Anna, the love of his life. Victory! Super Mario jumps to the top of the Goal Pole before sliding to the ground… and it’s mission accomplished: 10,000 steps. Max is grinning from ear to ear – anything more is just icing on the cake.

What does your everyday hero day look like? Come find out with the TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition.